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Hello everybody from Finland. Newbie here and hope to get lot of good information from this forum. :twisted:

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nice to meet you here :)

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Hello everyone!

my name is Marko Suomi, I'm an amateur lifter from Finland. I have been training girevoy sport since 2006. My first competition experience was in Ogre, Latvia in November 2006. After that, I've been twice in the Ventspils Atlants tournament in Latvia. I'd like to travel to St Petersburg and meet russian gireviks some day.

Here's a picture of me lifting:


In Finland, the sport is very new. The first Girevoy Sport event in Finland was organised in 2007 by our association. We have no coaches, so we coach ourselves and learn from visiting competitions and watching videos. I'm glad that Girevik told us about this site! I think right now there are 15 very active lifters in Finland and maybe 50 in total, who are interested in Girevoy Sport. Kettlebells are mainly used for general fitness in here. Last year in Ventspils Atlants tournament we had 12 lifters participating. The interest is growing, and there are some local clubs forming.

We have joined the IUKL, and it's good to see that all of the nordic countries have joined as well. I hope that Girevoy Sport will get more popular and that we will have many people in competitions.

Here's our association's logo:

Our website is at:

I was very impressed by the Russian team's technique in Ventspils last August. If you know of sportsmen, who sometimes travel to Finland, let us know. We are very interested in learning the techniques from the more experienced lifters.

Thanks for the invitation to this forum!

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